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New law governing Farm Use tags takes effect July 1

South Boston News
Virginia State Police 1st Sgt. Randall K. Pearce said the VSP is attempting to alert area farmers to a pending change in the existing law governing “farm use” tags on vehicles across the state. The new law, which eliminates the registration exemption for passenger cars, takes effect July 1. / June 15, 2010
A new law enacted by the Virginia General Assembly affecting existing guidelines governing the use of “farm use” tags on automobiles statewide will take effect July 1.

According to Virginia State Police 1st Sgt. Randall K. Pearce the code section governing revisions to the existing guidelines, passenger cars will no longer be allowed registration exemptions for farm use.

The change came about, Pearce said, as a result of an increase across the state in citizen reports of abuse to the current farm use policies and guidelines.

“This change will help identify abuse and should have little operating impact on lawful farming operations,” Pearce said, adding that statistically, farm use tag abuse tends to go hand-in-hand with other violations that include driving on a suspended or revoked license, operating a vehicle after being declared a habitual offender, driving without a valid license, operating a vehicle without a valid Virginia inspection sticker or adequate liability insurance, and other, related offenses.

The new law, which falls under Section 46.2-665, 666 and 670 of the Code of Virginia, tweaks the former wording to allow exemptions only for pickup trucks, panel trucks, sport utility vehicles, vehicles with a gross weight of more than 7,500 lbs., trailers and semi-trailers.

Pearce said that his office is attempting to get the word out to all area farmers that stand to be affected by the change so that they can in turn come into compliance with the new law by July 1.

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I have a really good 2003 Chev. Impalla Runs really good Mechanically Great Electrical is a mess that I can't seem to fix and have spent thousands on gauges that give false reading . It has only 40,000 +or- miles but I wouldn't take a chance on going a very long trip with it. But as a farm vehicle it is great. Going up or down my 3/4 mile steep driveway it dos-not spin or tear the road up like a pick up. Uses little gas so going out to the other tract 3 miles away to cut a Christmas Tree in season as different people call who knows how many times a day in season it is great. Running around fiddling with the Irrigation in the morning it is great for that or taking old people out to show them some nursery stock or the best place to pick berries it is great and beats the hell out of my pick up.
Please help I don't want want to junk this great peace of equipment and use something that is a lot worse


DMV should give farmers that are legit tags for there vehicles so when an officer runs the tag it returns to a person. try to run a farm use tag and see who that comes back to, you have no idea.


In Southwest Virginia it is very bad. I see kids that can't afford tags of insurance just run farm use on the back of vehicles. I know a man that has run farm use tags for almost 40 years (he says that he has a tomato plant on his porch so he is a farmer).


I am so happy to see this new law..I live in Franklin county and see NEW cars, SUV's with FARM USE tags..A lady driving a Honda mini van full of kids really annoys me..See brand new vehicles on Interstate 81 all the time..Please enforce the law ! Thank you !


Just to clarify.. so you know the va code.

"Passenger car" means every motor vehicle other than a motorcycle designedand used primarily for the transportation of no more than 10 personsincluding the driver.

According to va code.. pickup truck is every motor vehicle..not just what you thought it was by Webster's dictionary. Every citizen has the right to travel. I wish the police would stop scaring people.

"Pickup or panel truck" means every motor vehicle designed for thetransportation of property and having a registered gross weight of 7,500pounds or less.


Shapiro v. Thompson, 394 U.S. 618 (1969), was a Supreme Court decision that helped to establish a fundamental "right to travel" in U.S. law. Although the Constitution does not mention the right to travel, it is implied by the other rights given in the Constitution.

Btw, a fundamental right may not be converted into a privilege and charged a fee for.. Murdock v Pennsylvania

Although the police scare people into trading their rights in voluntarily.

How can farmers have a protected right to go to the grocery store, church, school, and get essential necessities for the home but common folks cannot? Because they want your acquiescence and your money. Wake up people to the biggest scam going..

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